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The SLEEPYTIME journey began in 1965 on the dining table of a housewife who sought to put her creative talent into manufacturing products which were then lacking in the local market.  She started with baby clothes and cotton baby diapers. 


She was joined by her husband who came on board to take over the accounting, administrative and logistics side of the business.  As the market changed, the focus then shifted to a range of high quality stuffed animals (mostly teddy bears) in the early 70's under a brand called FUZZY PALS as well as custom fitted car seat covers in 1980, a brand known as BEST FIT.  In 1985, the company Creative Industries Ltd was registered and the range and quality of stuffed animals increased with islandwide coverage including special editions for the tourist trade. 


The couple’s son then joined the family business in 1990 and it was in 1994 that pillows were seriously considered.  Production and sales began firstly with a shredded foam pillow under the brand "SLEEPYTIME PILLOWS" that never gave the family a full sense of product satisfaction.  They knew that they could do better.


It was in 1994 that the family started to research hypo-allergenic polyester fiber and the first simple processing machine was purchased in 1997.  With the assistance of close friends, this was replaced by a far more efficient processing system in 2002, as well as a forklift to move the heavy pallets of raw material.


In 2006, the brand became "SLEEPYTIME" with a complete redesigned label and further upgrades in cloth and fiberfill.  The next factory upgrade came in 2009 when an automated sewing system was added to increase production efficiency and capacity as well as other quality assurance measures.


The constant learning and researching of polyester fiber however, has played an important role in raising the bar of comfort and for mid-2015, another series of improvements are planned that will again raise the bar for SLEEPYTIME.   Thus it has been a journey that has led to a product that has been carefully tweaked and improved with the sole purpose oF giving the user a good, healthy, comfortable night’s rest.   All SLEEPYTIME products are made from high quality raw materials and are constantly monitored to maintain consistent quality and comfort.   The focus is quality and comfort for you.


With that in mind, we hereby present our range of quality bed pillows and other comfortable products, coupled with service, integrity, quick response to quote requests and prompt delivery.



Distributor Appeal:

As a CARICOM certified manufacturer, we offer;
• custom loft and weight specification based on market,

• consistent quality assurance,

• no duty applicable within CARICOM
• quick deliveries.



Hospitality Industry Appeal:

As a CARICOM certified manufacturer, we offer;
• custom loft and weight specification,
• custom sizes,
• no duty applicable within CARICOM
• quick deliveries.






To date, the SLEEPYTIME brand and other brands manufactured by Creative Industries Ltd have enjoyed market presence in many retail outlets across the island of Jamaica including Megamart, Rapid True Value, Courts and Maxi Department Stores to name a few.  We also have made guests comfortable in hotels across the island including several well known names such as Sandals, Breezes, Half Moon, Secrets, RIU, Superclubs, Couples Sans Souci and many others and it has been our pleasure to receive many testimonials from satisfied, well rested customers who are eager to tell us about their experience. As one “Sleepytimer” said, “No one should miss out on this kind of comfort.” To that we say, “We are glad that we were able to give you comfort, enjoy.”


We trust you will have the opportunity to experience the real comfort of SLEEPYTIME, and we do pledge to maintain and increase quality and value for money as the brand continues to evolve.





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