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The importance of good pillows in your hotel


Did you know that a comfortable pillow can be the single, most important investment a hotel can make to provide a positive memorable experience for their guests during their stay?  After all, at the end of a day of exploring and enjoying Jamaica’s beautiful and unique ambience, it would be necessary to recharge your batteries with a really good night’s sleep.

With this in mind, Creative Industries Ltd the manufacturers of SLEEPYTIME pillows, have made great strides in improving the quality and comfort of the pillows and other products that they supply to the hotel industry, but they wish to take a further step.

“At this point, we would like to work with a hotel or hotel chain, at a different level,” say the manufacturers of SLEEPYTIME, “we want to be able to put pillows in the rooms that give the guests a choice.  Normally, many hotels put up to four pillows in a room, but we are suggesting a step further.  Why not place in a room, two firm and two soft pillows, giving your guests a choice – and advertise the fact.  This little detail could go far in creating a sense of well being and an atmosphere of genuine care.”

Actually, many hotels advertise their comfortable beds, but a comfortable pillow certainly completes the experience.

One of the worst experiences for a guest, is having to sleep on an old and smelly pillow.  It is important that pillows be kept fresh - not just washed as this degrades any pillow.  If possible, especially with heavy traffic, pillows should be changed every six months.  As a guest, you definitely do not want to get the impression that the pillow on which you have put your face and head on has been used by countless other faces and heads before you.

We supply pillows of all sizes in four types along with Cushion Stuffer Bags (cushion inserts) in many shapes and sizes, all made with 100% Hypo-allergenic polyester fibre  and available fresh from stock to meet your deadlines.

NOTE TO ALL HOTELS USING SLEEPYTIME PILLOWS: Guests may need one to three wake-up calls, to avoid them missing their tour buses or appointments.


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