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With this line of products our focus is to provide:

  1. Comfort
  2. Easy care
  3. Durability
  4. Reduced linen costs
  5. Reduced laundry costs


Pillows in the medical world have a difficult job, they are supposed to be comfortable yet they are exposed to contaminants and are washed and sanitized in a very harsh environment which often includes steam, high levels of heat, caustic bleaching chemicals and strong sterilizing solutions. No pillow can survive that repeated punishment for long.


With the MEDICOMFORT brand of pillows, we have found a way to address these challenges and still provide comfort for hospital patients while saving caregivers and institutions a significant portion of their overheads by eliminating the need to wash.


All the cleaning is done in three simple cost effective steps.



The same cleaning or germicidal solutions used for other surfaces can be sprayed directly on the pillow. This includes bleach at up to 10:1


  • WIPE

Remove any excess liquid with a clean cloth.



That says it all, just allow it to air dry.


This means that no damaging solutions have access to the pillow core which will lengthen the life of the pillow and virtually eliminate laundry cost.


That is what we call a WIN WIN.




Disclaimer: These pillows are not intended for repeated use in the case of contagious diseases. In such cases, these pillows must be immediately destroyed after use by the affected patient.


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