• What is so special about a pillow?

A pillow is NOT a piece of furniture or a bedding accessory, it is in fact one of the most intimate objects in our homes that helps us to feel comfortable, secure and heighten our sense of well-being. It is in fact the only object in your home that you trust to be against your face for many hours per day.


  • What pillow should I use if I sleep on my stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach is not the best position for proper neck alignment as it forces your neck into an unnatural angle for hours at a time. However, we would recommend a MEDIUM.


  • I have neck problems, which pillow would you recommend?

The main thing to understand is that we need to keep our spine and neck in a "neutral” relaxed state while we sleep, not twisted to this side or that and not too far forward or back. This also involves supporting the two natural curves in our spine, the lumbar (Lower Back) and the Cervical (Back of the neck).  It is therefore recommended that you use a SOFT pillow if you are a BACK sleeper and a FIRM pillow if you are a SIDE sleeper, but the choice is yours.  One last thought however, do not mistake apparent comfort as proof that your posture is right for you, the fact is that our bodies put up with a lot of bad care for a while, often many years until it says enough, then we are in pain and saddened by the downturn in the quality of our lives.


  • What does “Hypo-allergenic” mean?

Hypo-allergenic simply means that our pillows do not cause allergic reactions.

  • What are your pillows stuffed with?

Apart from our shredded foam pillow, our main fill is hypo-allergenic polyester fiber which is a synthetic product that looks similar to cotton puffs.

  • Can your pillows be washed?

Yes they can, however, it will shorten the life of the pillow. Use delicate or shortest cycle with light detergent and fabric softener. Never use bleach and never wash with other linens or clothes. Bleach can destroy the fiber in a pillow in ONE wash. Also, please check labels of laundry detergent being used as some include bleach. A better solution is one of our WATERPROOF PILLOW PROTECTORS which will keep the pillow clean and smelling fresh thus reducing the need to wash due to wet hair, "sweaty head" or any other liquid challenges. 

  • Must I use a dryer?

A dryer is highly recommended as it is critical that the pillow is completely dry to the center as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of mold which will be adverse to your health. Up to two pillows can usually fit in the average dryer.  Do not add any other clothes or towels etc.

  • How often should I change my pillow?

We recommend that you consider changing your pillow once per year. You see, a pillow will be physically there for many years, but over time, due to the fact that your pillow also acts as a filter, there will be a build up of dust that will not benefit your health.

  • Are your pillows noisy?

No, we choose and blend fibers that have low noise qualities to avoid distractions when going to sleep.


  • I need a firmer pillow, can you do this?

Yes, we now have an EXTRA FIRM LOFT for you.


  • Where are these pillows made?

In Jamaica, by Jamaicans, in a Jamaican owned family business.



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